WSE data, WSE XDP stream, analytical and signalling tools in one place


SMIAS is multiplatform applicaiton which alows to work on any platform you want: Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.


Just put signal line on any chart you want to get information when range is meet. We offer sms, ivr, email signalling.

Access to WSE XDP stream

We offer access to WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) XDP data stream. Contact us for details, please.

Realtime buy/sell baskets

Friendly realtime buy/sell baskets viewer and analyser.

Tick data

SMIAS work on stock market tick data which allows to analyze what is exactly going on on the stock market.

Easy to use

SMIAS manages data in hierarchical way which is easy to use; workcharts contains charts, charts contains timeseries.

24h support

24h monday to friday suport. Contact us, please.

WSE RT data

We offer access to WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) RT (Real Time) data by SMIAS (Stock Market Investor Assistance System) or direct access to XDP stream.